45 Days to Fit Contest Entry

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If you have been dragging your feet on losing weight,

this is the challenge for you!


Six weeks to drop the pounds and win some cold hard cash! 


And even if you don't win. you will look sexier, be healthier, and be much better off than where you started. So, if you need some motivation and need to be help accountable, then this is for you! Sign up now!

The Goal: Most total weight lost in lbs over a 45 day period.


  • 1st: 80% of pot
  • 2nd: 20% of pot
  • 3rd: month supply for supps

Upon entry you recieve:

  • 30% discount on your next Mecca order 
  • Free shaker
  • Free shirt
  • Weigh in at any Mecca location on Sept 7th.
  • Final weigh in must be done at Mecca location 45 days after start of contest (Oct 21st)

Please direct any questions to info@meccanutritionstore.com