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  • Savage


    Savage is a 3 in 1 combo androgen receptor that is going to help you break that plateau. Savage has LGD, MK677, and Ostarine. These 3 make for a mean combo and will take your workouts to the next level. You will notice heavy strength gains, size and mass increases, and metabolism speeding up to […]

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  • Somal


    Escape From Hard-Gainer’s Hell! If you have been working out for more than a year you are lucky if you can even put on a few pounds of muscle in a year. Stop gaining in the slow lane and jump into the fast lane with Somal-1! This is all possible because it’s key ingredient (1-Andro) […]

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  • Sale!


    $89.99 $69.99

    RedCon1 Somal-Nor is a high anabolic DHEA androgen receptor that converts to 19-NOR. If you’ve been having trouble adding lean muscle mass to your stature or you just naturally have a ectomorphic build to you, Somal-NOR is great to introduce into your RedCon1 supplement stack. With ZERO negative side effects and no conversion to estrogen, […]

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